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GFWC Services
Child Psychologist
Behavioral Health Evaluations

Completed a comprehensive evaluation gives the best opportunity determine the presenting symptoms, presenting disorders, and create an individualized treatment plan for you and your family in a private and comfortable setting. 


With the Behavioral Heath Evaluation at hand, our counselors have the best opportunity to present achievable goals and care plans that you and your counselor will work together. 

At GFWC we promote individualized care; rather than a "cookie cutter" type for everyone. As such we notify parents that care for minors remains private with parent check ins. This ensures the patient/child has the same level of privacy as you would. This in turns help children and adolescents bond and build rapport promoting the best opportunity for positive outcomes. 

Young Man in Therapy
Intensive Outpatient Counseling

A program designed for patients that benefit from multiple one-hour sessions on a weekly basis. This is determined after an intake evaluation.

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Community Training

At GFWC we provide an exciting training environment enriched with learning opportunities so that our learners can feel confident.

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